Booom TV is a TV Broadcast channel based in the heart of Birmingham. We are setting up to broadcast 24 hours a day from the end of 2017. Having recently carried out a successful pilot in the last 6 months, we will be both a Broadcast channel and a full media production house.

Booom TV is a media gateway to the £300 Billion purchasing power of the minority ethnic population. it’s not true that Britain’s ethnic minorities don’t spend, behave the same as whites and are too hard to target. Corporates and Multi nationals and public sector organisations are desperate to try and tap into this vastly lucrative market, yet no one as yet been able to achieve this with any distinction. Booom TV will both showcase these communities and offer unique access to this lucrative spending power.

British Asian presence on mainstream media and especially mainstream Tv media are still invisible. Through our USP of producing over 75% of our own productions, Booom Tv will address this in balance, producing programs across the genres which will appeal to mainstream audiences although significantly have British Asian presence in them. This double edged sword will, therefore, produce unique programming in English appealing to both the British Asian and mainstream audience, as well reach out to the high spending power of British Asians and the appeal they have to mainstream and corporate markets.