Sheikh Salik covers Raindance film festival and talks moving up

Sheikh Salik from East London is a Bangali community person where not only he works on his private company PPS Security where he takes care of high rolling people which also involve the arts and entertainment buisness celebrities and take cares of the major stars when arriving in London, but he has sat down with Booom TV to talk about his latest movements where he got the chance to meet all the major actors and interview them on the red carpet. Sheikh said ‘ I am so happy to be at rain dance film festival and to be able to meet all the actors and singers and people on the red carpet ‘ Salik had also explained that he got the chance given by Kiran Rai who helped sheikh to get his life in control as a actor and help him move towards his career. Kiran Rai said ‘ Sheikh is a brilliant man and hes very good person and i think hes got great potential, my job is to help and introduce him to the right people ‘ Rai and Salik have been attending the rain dance festival for more than 2 days and will be staying for a extra 8 days until it finished on the 1st october. Salik is now becoming extremely hot on the press and all the celebrities are dieing to work with Salik including all the A star actors and hollywood actors that move to UK and need Sheikh help.