Youtuber Saj Vlogs heads to Morocco and gets mobbed by fans.


Sajad Razaq is a international youtuber from London who is now burging on a new career and will be heading to morocco this saturday and will be meeting fans at the airport with over 100+ people meeting him at the airport. Saj Vlogs said ‘ Its amazing how much attention i get from fans, they love me and i love them ‘

Booom tv – Saj whats the most a fan has done?

Sajad – the most a fan has done is carved there name in her arm and got a tattoo on there side of there waist

Booom TV = you are travelling to morrocco?

Sajad – Yes i am going and im going there to meet my incredible fans. I love them and they love me, its a win win.

Booom TV – your becoming extremely hot on the press, what do you take as that?

Sajad – I am a regular guy now travelling the world, meeting the best people and i’ve been offered numerous times to meet Sadiq Khan the London mayor but i have been so busy, i just have time for my fans.

Booom TV – ok anything you want to say?

Sajad – Yes i love my wife and children and my adorable baby in Morocco, she is the love of my life and i will do almost anything for her. She is what makes me wake up in the morning and seeing her face on video call is what keeps me happy, I love her so much and yes she is my wife but also my best friend who i can count on and she can count on me and i will always, always be honest and faithful to her aslong as i live.