Why Advertise With Us

Advertising with boom will help grow your business and attract a new market.

Booom Tv also has the unique experience of making affordable Tv advertising for small businesses, this niche of attracting the same sector onto Tv can alone sustain the channel. The Key element is to convince small businesses it works for them and even more importantly ensuring the quality of the advert is appropriate for the look and quality of Booom Tv. hence Booom Tv as a lifestyle channel will also have multi nationals advertising.

Booom Tv was recently approached by an ad agency which represents companies such as Asda, land rover, Continental Tyres, Harrods, etc., who are keen to work exclusively with Booom as an agency, simply because we offer the lucrative niche that no one else offers for tapping into the ethnic spending power. No other medium has the longevity and power to influence than television. More people learn about a new product because of television advertising than any other means.

The combination of audio and visual elements offers you the amazing capability to reach multiple senses simultaneously. The adorable wrinkles of a puppy or the sweet infectious laughter of a child can help set the mood for your product and make your audience receptive to your message. With the right spot, a well-crafted TV campaign can help you reach new shoppers, grab market share, or draw new supporters to your cause.