Kiran Rai voted top 10 most successful artist and talks breaking headlines in 400 international newspapers, hosting his 27th major show and plans next step to Hollywood and Bollywood


Kiran Rai talks to BOOOM TV on his life and currently today has been voted top 10 most successful artist in UKwithout having a major following on social media or have that sort of celebrity A star fame, the question is how did he do it? He is a 25 years old boy who started at a very young age of 15 years old while he talks about hosting his 27th major show which can involve fashion shows, premieres or major film festivals while he talks to brand magazine of wanting to become a established actor and model. for the past 10 years he has broken news 2 times around the world in over 20 different USA states including Miami Herald, Boston, Los angeles times, Texas including on launching magazines too performing in the west end to taking a one man show to new york or walking the biggest catwalks or working with super models across the UK. He had said numerous times that ‘ my health is a problem but i use it to my advantage ‘ He has told the press that he suffers for ‘ major anxiety ‘ but has learnt to direct it to push him even further without any sort of fear. Kiran had told me ‘ nothing scares me ‘ but in my eyes is this really Kiran Rai? is this really the boy with the green eyes and olive skin who everyone knows about his level of passion for drama? the question is – how on earth does someone make headlines in over 300-400 major newspapers international across the globe without a fan base? his answer was simple ‘ I dont fear nobody, i dont need anyone to help me, i can do it myself ‘ Kiran Rai is one the of most influential people in the world of the arts and entertainment because models and directors and actors would love to work with the man and would do almost anything to work beside him. Kiran Rai talks 10 years of plugging away and the question is – is he still happy? He does a private photo-shoot for BOOOM TV and talks life 

( photos by Robert )

Question – Kiran how did you know you wanted to be a actor?

Kiran Rai – I didn’t its because i wanted people to hear me, i wanted to have a voice

Question – whats it like to be in your shoes?

Kiran Rai –  I am a humble person, i go with friends, i do my life and i work extremely hard.

Question – what about your work?

Kiran Rai – Yes i know my work is crazy and my life is always work work but in my social life, i love to socialise and meet new people.

Question – do you get hate?

Kiran Rai – I get hate everyday but i choose not to look at it.

Question – I heard your heading to India and Hollywood, is that right?

Kiran Rai – Yes i am heading there, I am extremely tired but i am going to india and los angeles and im going to crack it.

question –  what do you mean?

Kiran Rai – I mean, i am going to make sure i make noise over there.

Question – who do you love most?

Kiran Rai – as in person?

Question – Generally?

Kiran Rai – the one person i love so much is David Gore who has supported me throughout my career and has mentored me and shown me the way forward. 

Question – anybody else?

Kiran Rai – yes my other mentor Nick, i cant say his second name as he is a private man but i love him and he always rings me and helps me.

Question – has anybody ever rejected you?

Kiran Rai – millions of times, i dont care. I dont need anybody to help me. I got my voice.

question – what do you mean voice?

Kiran Rai – my mouth is my weapon, i use it to get where i need to be. I am a confident person and i know what i want and i will get it.

Question – thank you for your time.

Kiran Rai – I am ordinary person, I am a humble person and i do things that make me happy