Top Indian Artist Portraits Actor and Model Kiran Rai in Two British Art Galleries.

Tushar Sabale a leading painter and artist who does exhibitions in the UK but is originally from India is one of the most special artists according to Kiran Rai ‘ He is a fantastic man, i like Tushar and I am honoured to have my face in his exhibition art gallery ‘ Kiran Rai painting that Tushar Sabale who only does celebrities to super stars paints and portraits the still photos. He had made Kiran the face of the exhibition in both of exhibitions at the Nehru Centre to Brent Cross Gallery. Kiran said ‘ I havent spoken to Tushar for a while but i am happy that he has done this and my photo has inspired other people ‘ Kiran Rai who is known to be breaking news in more than 400 international newspapers in last 10 years has decided to crack hollywood and bollywood this year. ‘ Yes i am planning to help people but i really want to make it properly now ‘ Kiran sadly did not attend the exhibition due to issues from other work and said ‘ I feel really bad i didnt attend the art exhibition but i was snowed under work but i want to say a massive thank you to Tushar Sabale for giving me that sparkle ‘ Kiran Rai remains faithful to Tushar. 

how did you feel Kiran?

Yes i felt great knowing that my face is in the galleries.

is that normal?

No i take everyday a new day.

You have done so much recently, whats the next step?

I am of to dubai for a week to relax but lets see.

you must have something lined up?

I have so much going on with me but i am really concentrating on my health.

Yes you suffer from anxiety right?

Yes major, I have a great anxiety i have to deal with everyday but its normal now.

any advice to others?

Yes just keep pushing.

how did you and Tushar Meet?

I met Tushar years ago at a bollywood show and he was so good to me.

would you reccomend him to anyone else?

I would 1000% give him recognition.